Reatron SPE LLC (Reatron Scientific and Production Enterprise LLC) is a Ukrainian private developer and manufacturer of customized solutions in industry, energy, aerospace, defense and national security, i.e., in other words, it is a Ukrainian private company that, based on advanced technologies and using it in its individual solutions, develops and manufactures components, systems and assemblies for pecialized/specific purposes.

Reatron SPE LLC is the official representative of NI (National Instruments, USA) and ACUTRONIC (Acutronic AG, Switzerland) in Ukraine.

Reatron SPE LLC has been certified by TRACE International (TRACE certification identifier: TC4181-7312). This means that an individual or company has completed a comprehensive due diligence process carried out by TRACE, a leading anti-bribery standard-setting organization.

The main directions in the development, manufacture and further operation of products:

1. On-board electronic aircraft systems:

  •  Autonomous control systems based on single-board on-board computers and controllers using FPGA technologies;
  •  Platformless (cardless) inertial navigation systems based on fiber-optic gyroscopes (FOG) and / or GPS;
  •  Multi-channel measurement, monitoring and telemetry systems in slow and / or fast-changing data environments;
  •  Video surveillance systems for processing and transmitting high-resolution image data;
  •  Communication and data reception / transmission systems (earth-earth; earth-air-earth; earth-air-space-earth);
  •  Smart systems and artificial means of automatic recognition and response
  •  Applied algorithms and special software;
  •  Onboard cable networks.

2. Ground systems of automation of technological processes, KVPiA and other technological equipment:

  •  Simulation and test environments (simulation and test stands, full cycle test complexes (HIL / HWIL), climate test stands, small mobile test equipment and systems, etc.);
  •  Automated systems for remote control and monitoring of technological processes, complex systems or individual units;
  •  Video surveillance systems for receiving / transmitting high-resolution image data, their further processing with automatic identification of objects and processes;
  •  Communication and data reception / transmission systems (earth-earth; earth-air-earth; earth-air-space-earth)
  •  Data collection, processing and storage systems;
  •  Cryogenic product supply systems;
  •  Systems of utilization and neutralization of industrial wastes and drains;
  •  Cable and pipeline networks.

3. Complex (complex) systems:

  •  Classical and hybrid systems of remote sensing of the Earth’s surface;
  •  Mobile systems for launching sub- and / or low-orbit payloads, ie mobile spaceports for launching small rockets to study the upper atmosphere and / or various low-orbit means;
  •  Small artificial satellites weighing up to 140 kg (including their main components) for the needs of remote sensing systems of the Earth’s surface, as well as for a partial solution to the problem of low-orbit space debris.

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