• Launch Shaker-Website May 13, 2020
    ACUTRONIC’s V-Series vibration systems provide a high performance, low cost platform for Accelerated Life Testing of components.
  • ACUTRONIC Covid-19 Information March 23, 2020
    to all our customers and partners.
  • "How to use a shaker" - user training March 16, 2020
    ACUTRONIC is inviting for its first user training on Shaker at our premises in Germany
  • New Acquisition April 29, 2019
    The Acutronic Company Announces the acquisition of The Perfect Parts Company (Sullivan UV). The Perfect Parts Company to become Acutronic Power Systems.
  • Looking for a refurbished system? March 22, 2019
    Please visit the pre-used section on our website.
  • Brexit Statement February 25, 2019
    Statement by Acutronic Switzerland Ltd on the Implications of Brexit on its Business.
  • Acutronic India Pvt. Ltd. February 12, 2019
    The Acutronic Group Announces the incorporation and launch of Acutronic India Pvt. Ltd., to be based in Hyderabad, India.
  • New Product Line iMPULSE™ Motion Simulators November 9, 2018
    ACUTRONIC is proud to present the new product line of 1 and 2-Axis Motion Simulators, after more than 3 years of internal development.
  • ACUTRONIC Remote Service Unit black box – „RSU“ August 23, 2018
    Helping you from the other side of the world. The black box Remote Service Unit is a state of the art service solution, suitable for any customer. It exploits all the possibilities given by today's technology in the field of connectivity, computational power and software to assist where possible on-site maintenance teams.
  • New Product Hexapod HEX66V0 April 4, 2018
    ACUTRONIC is proud to introduce the HEX66V0 Six-DOF Motion System, a powerful and affordable multi-purposemotion simulation solution for development, production,in-process test, calibration and final inspection purposes.

National Instruments

NI Mobilizes Efforts Across the Engineering Community to Fight COVID-19
16 апреля 2020 г. - NI rolls out Priority Response, Engineer Enablement Programs and Community Well-being Initiatives to support its customers, partners and local communities.

NI Status on the Coronavirus
17 марта 2020 г. - We are closely monitoring the effects of the coronavirus outbreak in China. At present, the outbreak has not directly disrupted NI’s operations.

NI, Tokyo Electron, FormFactor and Reid-Ashman Demonstrate 5G mmWave Semiconductor Wafer Probe Test Solution at NIWeek 2019
21 мая 2019 г. - NI, Tokyo Electron, FormFactor and Reid-Ashman demonstrated a 5G mmWave Semiconductor Wafer Probe Test Solution at NIWeek 2019. The collaboration helps reduce risk and cost for validation and production ...

NI Releases the Latest Version of SystemLink™ Software
21 мая 2019 г. - NI releases the latest version of SystemLink™ software to improve operational efficiency with a single interface to quickly set up and manage software, tests and assets.

NI Releases New Wireless Hardware for Online Asset Condition Monitoring
21 мая 2019 г. - Wireless devices for NI InsightCM™ are designed to end manual, route-based data collection.

NI Introduces mmWave Test Solution to Accelerate the Race to 5G Commercialization
21 мая 2019 г. - The new mmWave Vector Signal Transceiver reduces the cost and risk of testing 5G NR devices.

NI Continues to Accelerate Beyond the Speed of Innovation Bringing New Features and Functionality to LabVIEW
21 мая 2019 г. - NI continues to accelerate beyond the speed of innovation bringing new features and functionality to LabVIEW 2019 and LabVIEW NXG to increase engineering productivity with simplified installers and improved ...

NI Modernizes Teaching Solution With Updates to NI ELVIS III
21 мая 2019 г. - Improvements help students learn through a project-based learning approach with associated curriculum designed to easily integrate into all facets of an engineering program.

NI, Radisys and CommScope Collaborate on 28 GHz 5G New Radio InterOperability Device Testing
24 апреля 2019 г. - This first public demonstration of the three companies’ collaboration shows a 28 GHz base station or gNodeB built from a CommScope remote radio unit (RRU) running software developed by Radisys that communicates ...

NI Announces Test UE Offering for 5G Lab and Field Trials
22 апреля 2019 г. - Release 15 compliant 5G New Radio non-standalone system can help customers deliver 5G commercial wireless to market faster