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Our Partners


National Instruments — an American company with more than 5,000 employees and offices in 41 countries. The company is headquartered in Austin, Texas. National Instruments is one of the world leaders in the technology of virtual instruments and development and manufacture of hardware and software for automated testing systems.

The flagship software product of the company is LabVIEW graphical engineering programming environment. There are also very popular in the engineering and technical environment: LabWindows / CVI – the shell for the development of virtual instruments for the C language, the TestStand test environment (English), and Multisim (developed by Electronics Workbench, now a division of NI) – a simulation and analysis program electrical and electronic circuits.


Acutronic is a world leader in the development, design and manufacture of high-precision rotary motion stands for the aviation, space, defense, automotive and consumer goods industries. The stands are used to test and calibrate inertial sensors, such as gyroscopes and accelerometers, inertial navigation systems, stabilized optical systems, electronic stabilization control systems and to simulate the flight of various objects.


A revolutionary solution from GE is the PACSystems controller that allows you to create unique architectures, flexibility, openness and performance that will provide you with a sustainable competitive advantage.

With automation systems become larger and more complicated, the simplification of management structure becomes more important. The ability to integrate heterogeneous shop equipment, network systems, and incorporate them into systems and processes at the enterprise level is a sign today of successful production and management.

Unlike systems based on heterogeneous PLCs with limitations on the scalability of the adaptability, a programmable automation controller will provide you with complete freedom and flexibility of configurations. The PACSystems controller from GE Intelligent Platforms provides real-time connectivity and management, greatly simplifying the control of production processes and contributing to the achievement of better results, both now and in the future.

With PACSystems you can integrate the elements of the management system into a single, scalable and standards-compliant platform that provides a fast return on investment, accelerated deployment and market entry. PACSystems is a unique multifunctional platform for solving a wide range of tasks, including logical control and HMI, motion and technological process control. A common platform running with software Proficy.

For software development, we use Machine Edition, which enables quick and flowing migration of applications, and connection of all levels of your control system, starting with the shop floor.

The flexibility and openness offered by PACSystems will protect your current investments and will open the way to upgrading and introducing new technologies that will help you achieve an advantage over competitors.


Reatron is a partner of National Instruments, providing individual engineering solutions for a wide range of industries.

We create systems for management, data collection and data management for a wide range of industries and applications.

  • Product developing
  • Production processes management
  • Laboratory equipment 
  • Software developing

We create turnkey systems for:

  • Construction validation testing
  • Test of the end-of-line production line  
  • Product characteristics         

Our company also has the means to work in the field of adaptive technologies.
Such a tool is a professional FDM / FFF PRISM SPECIAL DUAL printer with a print area of 400x400x1200 mm, which allows you to print any kind of objects with simple or complex geometry with various types of plastic (including engineering).
It creates an object layer by layer by extrusion of a plastic thread. The print head is suspended on six diagonals pivotally connected to three carriages making vertical
This equipment makes it possible to produce products that meet the customer’s requirements as soon as possible.

For maximum reliability, we use standard hardware and software platforms from National Instruments, for example, PXI (e), CompactRIO, DAQ, Motion and Vision, whenever possible. And, of course, LabVIEW.



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